During operation of linoleum, we cannot exclude cases of damage – scratches, abrasions. They can occur, for example, as a result of rearrangement of heavy furniture. Of course, no tips on how to completely remove scratches, it is impossible, but to disguise and make less conspicuous under the power almost any person.

The types, extent of damage and methods of removal

To solve the question of how to get rid of scratches on linoleum, you must determine the extent of damage to the surface: a deeper require significantly more effort.

If the scratches are irregular jagged edges (burrs), then initially you must get rid of them. The procedure is that the edge of the coin carefully wipe unevenness, making a smooth transition. The most important thing in this procedure - do not overdo it so as not to damage the linoleum even more.

If the scratch is small (figure a) and appeared in a completely new coating, to get rid of this trouble by using the wax pencil or pasta). You need to RUB the scratch tool and Polish. If the linoleum has lost its glossy sheen, you can Polish the entire surface.

At a superficial scratch damage texture and pattern of the next course of action: you need to buy a specialized pencil, the color of which should come to the floor. This pencil is colored all the scratch when the area is rubbed with wax and polished to a Shine.

With a significant deep injury all of the above methods may be useless. How to remove scuff marks from linoleum? Sold in stores specialized mastic, which also varies in colour. Choosing the right shade, apply it to the damage according to the instructions. Small tip: first try the product on an inconspicuous area or on a piece of linoleum.

Recipe mastic

If it is not possible to buy a mastic, to prepare a tool you can own. This will need remaining after the repair a piece of linoleum. With a sharp knife scrape the colored coating, mix the resulting powder with clear nail Polish or with a specialized glue "welding" for linoleum. Then this mass should be applied to the scratch, let dry, and then Polish with wax. As in the previous case, it is necessary to test the mixture on a small inconspicuous area.

Now you know how to cover scratches on linoleum. But if in the process of operation of a covering having a slight superficial scratches, you should constantly Polish the floor with specialized tools. Such care will prolong the life of your flooring.