The result when painting refrigerator it turns out much better than if you try to paste a fridge wrap. To make the film lay flat on the surface of the fridge will have to work hard to prevent the formation of air bubbles or wrinkles. Staining allows for a more smooth surface.

The dyeing process of the refrigerator has some features, but if you are attentive they are easily solvable. If you wish, with painting can not only give a nice view of the old coating, but also to bring new refrigerator in accordance with the interior of the kitchen.

Than it is possible to paint a fridge

Enamel for painting cars in the cans – not the best option for painting the refrigerator, though it may seem.

The fridge is often painted in flat or in rare cases bring to the balcony. If you use spray paint, its tiny particles will settle on furniture, walls and floors. In addition, the paint soaked even dust after it settles on the floor, it can be removed with a solvent. Cleaning of the apartment with the use of white spirit is not particularly pleasant, and if you bear the fridge for open space is not possible, for staining is better to use a roller.

Of course, when painting with a roller will not be able to achieve smooth and uniform coating with the spraying of the aerosol, but service will be no less an example. It must be remembered that from getting into the respiratory system of the smallest particles of paint will not save even a respirator, so the aerosol is suitable only for open space.

If you prefer, you can use automotive paint. But it is better to choose epoxy paint, and fit some acrylic coloring compositions.

Painting technology

To paint a refrigerator, need to stock up on paint and a roller, clean cloths, films, Newspapers, to prepare the detergent, a sponge, tape.

The surface of the refrigerator how to wash and dry. In order not to stain anything around to cover the interior with foil to cover Newspapers gender. To ensure ventilation.

Paint is better to check first at that part of the surface that is not conspicuous – it will help to make sure that the color and tone is correct. From the refrigerator it is desirable to remove accessories or to seal it with masking tape.

When painting with aerosol spray should be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the surface. Apply the paint have a uniform motion, directing them from left to right.

Painted fridge dried for about half an hour, then you can apply paint with another layer. If the paint selected roller, it is better to choose is not very wide.