In order to choose the right colored lenses for eyes, carefully read the supplied manual to them. The description should be clearly written for no eyes - dark, light, or any - designed lenses.
Owners of light eyes will suit absolutely any lens, including those designed not to dramatically change the color of the iris, and to give it the desired hue. Tint lenses for eyes look very natural.
When you select tint lenses for light eyes remember that some of them, making the color brighter, completely smeared pattern of the iris. So prefer lenses with multi-stage painting system. Most often they have a dark rim around the edge and imitation of the natural pattern of the iris of the eye.
If you have dark eyesand tint of lenses you will not work, so pay attention only to color. With their help, you can radically change the color of your eyes: to make them lighter or more dark. Bezel the colored lens is over the pupil, not covering it. Depending on the amount of light the pupil expands or shrinks. So don't be surprised if in bright light, people will be able to see the real color of your eyes.
When choosing lenses for eyes, the color of which differs from yours, keep in mind that when applying two different shades of each other can get a third.
If you want to show off their originality in front of others, give the preference to colored lens, the iris image which is a spots, freckles or rays.
There are lensesthat are not only able to change the color of the eyes, but also to correct the vision of its owner. Right you will help only a qualified ophthalmologist.