Typically, the blood sugar is indicated for patient's complaints of weakness, fatigue, thirst (especially unfounded). These symptoms usually tell the endocrinologist that may have already started to develop diabetes. In addition, the analysis of sugar as a preventive study also does not hurt.
Especially need to monitor their health people who have a history of relatives with this disease, as diabetes. In such patients it is advisable to regularly take a blood sugar.

How to test blood sugar

To the results were correct and proper, it is necessary to observe some fairly simple rules for the delivery of blood sugar.

He must surrender on an empty stomach. In addition, the importance of the interval between after the last meal – he shall be not less than 12 hours. In all that time only drink, and only water.
Remember not to distort the analysis results, drink only pure drinking water. Mineral water is better not to use, despite the fact that it is salty. Of course, need to give up juices and soda.

Before testing blood sugar doctors even recommend to brush your teeth, because the toothpaste there are various dyes and additives to penetrate into the body and may affect the results of the study. The same applies to chewing gum.

The analysis itself is taken from the finger. The procedure is the same as when taking the overall analysis. Sometimes, however, such a study is administered in combination, and then doctors take blood from a vein.

There are situations when a person is marked by insensitivity to glucose. In this case, the fasting glucose level it is normal, but after eating increases dramatically. In such a situation, it is recommended to test for glucose tolerance twice in the morning. First, on an empty stomach, then something to eat after donating blood again.

Blood sugar at home

Modern industry does not stand still and today people are offered a huge number of devices that will measure blood sugar at home yourself. The principle of operation of blood glucose meters is quite simple: the patient himself usilivaet finger with a special needle, which is included in the kit. He then drips a drop of blood on a special test strip in strictly designated place, after which the device analyzes the data.

Principle of training at home to study absolutely the same as in the hospital. The only result you will get instantly and do not need to stand in line.

Of course, if you want to get the most accurate results up to thousandths – you better go to the clinic and donate blood to the lab. But keep in mind that glucose meters give pretty high accuracy percentage. Donate blood right to not have to be treated no matter the diagnosis.

If the tests say you are all right, but there are symptoms similar to those that appear in diabetes, undergo a complete examination to determine the exact cause of your ailments.