Advice 1: How to donate blood

A blood test is one of the most important diagnostic procedures that can identify the inflammatory, endocrine and other diseases and also appreciate the work of some organs and systems and health in General. The accuracy of the study depends largely on the accuracy of blood donation.
How to donate blood

Preparation for assay

There are many kinds of blood tests and each of them requires its own preparation. However, there are General guidelines, ignoring that, to obtain reliable results of studies is simply impossible.

First, the day before giving blood you must refrain from eating fatty, salty and spicy dishes and strong coffee and tea. Second, the analysis is not desirable to pass while taking medication. If possible, the procedure is better to postpone for a few days after the end of therapy, or at least to warn the doctor that the blood test results may be distorted due to the influence of drugs.

Third, the validity of the analysis is also influenced by habit. And if Smoking should be abandoned at least for a couple of hours before giving blood, alcohol can not be taken for at least days before the procedure.
The results of the analysis may be unreliable after x-rays and physical therapy. That is why donating blood is recommended to complete all other procedures.

How to donate blood for the General analysis

General analysis of blood does not require any additional preparation. It is sufficient to comply with the above recommendations, the results of the study were reliable. One hour before blood sampling can even afford a light Breakfast, such as porridge on water and weak tea without sugar.

To during the procedure, the blood was flowing well and the technician did not have force to put pressure on the finger, it is desirable before testing to warm the hands and try to cope with anxiety.

How to take a blood sugar

The blood sugar should be done strictly on an empty stomach. To refrain from food intake should be 8, but preferably 12 hours before blood sampling. Tea, coffee, juices and other beverages are also banned. The only exception is the pure still water, to lean on which, however, is not worth it. A few SIPS to quench your thirst will be strong enough.
Before donating blood you should not brush your teeth and especially chewing gum. Contained in toothpaste and chewing gum sugar will distort the results of the analysis.

How to donate blood from a vein

Analysis for infections and hormones, and biochemical analysis is done from venous blood. To pass it should be strictly on an empty stomach, preferably before 10 am. Before blood sampling should be to sit and relax, to heart rate and blood pressure returned to normal after exercise (going to the clinic, climbing stairs to the desired floor is let minimum, but the load).

During sampling of venous blood should comply with all recommendations of the medical staff. If you feel unwell, experience dizziness or flies in the eyes, you should inform a nurse, so she promptly assisted.

Blood to sex hormones women should take on certain days of the menstrual cycle, so you should visit a doctor, that he gave direction to the lab for the desired date.

Advice 2 : How to draw blood

Blood is usually taken in hospitals, to do this analysis at home is impossible. The study of blood is done by using special reagents, microscopes and many other devices. A blood test is taken to diagnose the General condition of the person and detect possible infections. There are two main ways of drawing blood.
How to draw blood
The blood from the vein.
The analysis is taken on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. In the evening it is advisable not to eat fatty, fried and salty.
Before taking the blood arm above the elbow over tighten the harness.
After that you need to squeeze the hand into a fist, then unclench.
The area, which will be introduced with a syringe, treated with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
As soon as the veins become visible, gently insert the needle.
Blood taken slowly, otherwise it may become bad. In rare cases, possible nausea and dizziness.
If you need to take a lot of blood, the syringe is detached from the needle, drained the blood into a test tube. Again insert the syringe into the needle and continue the fence.
After a sample is taken, apply cotton wool soaked in alcohol, and firmly bend the elbow.
The blood from the finger.
Taken on an empty stomach.
Before testing, finger lightly massaged, then treated with alcohol.
With the help of a special metal pen pierced his finger.
If the blood is OK, then there is no need to squeeze the pad of the finger. The blood collection make a glass tube, wearing a rubber pear.
In that case, if the blood goes bad and the pressure pads does not help, the finger pierced again (usually another) and continue sampling.
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