You will need
  • Blood glucose meter, cotton ball, alcohol test strips, a special pen to puncture.
The meter is a special device which is designed for independent measurement of sugar level in blood at home and in field conditions, i.e. outside the medical institution. It is for 8-15 seconds shows accurate result of glucose level in blood. This device is fairly simple to use and anyone can use it.
To start, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Next, prepare the device to work.
Lay on the table the device itself, a special handle to puncture the finger of the test strip vial with alcohol and a cotton swab. Adjust the knob to puncture. According to the instructions, set it for the necessary division, showing the depth of the puncture and pull the spring.
Remove from packaging of the test strip and insert it into the device. If you did everything correctly, the device turns on automatically.
Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the finger you intend to pierce. Then gently pierce the finger. Get a drop of blood 2-3 mm in size, and touch to her work sector test strips. The sector should be fully filled. Keep in mind that the blood should not be spread, otherwise the puncture must be repeated.
Press the cotton ball to the puncture site and wait for the test result. Data on the level of sugar in blood you will see on the screen of the meter in just a few seconds. Then remove the test strip, after which the device will turn off automatically.