Due to the lack of a unified law approved by on the list of documents certifying the identity, some organizations can be satisfied by different alternative options for the replacement of passports, depending on the objectives pursued (participation in elections, sign contracts with Bank, employer, service provider, buying liquor, entering and leaving the country, etc.).
Universal identity documents to be taken along with the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, are listed below. A valid passport of the Soviet Union, the seafarers ' identity document (up to 2014 - seaman's book) issued by the seamen and cadets of the foreign navigation, and valid for 5 years. A military ID card issued by the current officers of the Russian army, warrant officers and ensigns.
Certifies the identity of the citizen and military ID issued to conscripts or contract soldiers, including sailors, cadets, sergeants, petty officers. The last two documents to be invalid for the military in reserve.
A temporary certificate (form № 2-P), issued on the recovery time constant of the passport, and is valid until the date indicated therein also confirm installation data present on his face. The business card of the Prosecutor, the birth certificate of the child indicating all the required information, a registration number and the issuing companies are also identity cards, but have a limited "shelf life". So, the document is before the end date of the contract, and the certificate – until the child reaches 14 years.
If the documents listed above to add the alien's passport, refugee card, residence permit, temporary residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation, formed a list of documents sufficient to prove the age of the person wishing to purchase, for example, alcoholic beverages.
The following documents give the bearer the right to take part in the referendum even in the absence of a passport: a document issued to Russian citizens permanently residing abroad to certify their identity when crossing the Russian border, certificate issued to persons detained on suspicion of or charged with a crime.
Not to be confused with the identity documents with the documents certifying the status of the owner. The latter include: passport, student and "record book", a work book and various certificates (lawyer, veteran, police officer, emergency situations Ministry, FSB, tax inspector, civil servant, disabled, donor, etc.). Their presentation does not entitle you to perform legal transactions.