Contact territorial office of the Pension Fund with the passport or any other identity document (birth certificate, temporary ID, etc.) to complete the questionnaire of the insured person. The address of the branch of the FIU can be found on the main page in the "Contacts" section Territorial divisions can be found there by clicking the mouse on the map in the right corner of the page. Application form for pension insurance certificate can be filled in advance, print the standard blank forms from the website (download link located at the bottom of the page).
If you have already received pension certificate earlier, but can't find it, contact the personnel Department at the place of work, housing or other organization in which you specified the number of the card. Perhaps the employees of these organizations will be able to call you his. Find old contracts, which were drawn up when applying for a job within your data must be specified SNILS (insurance number of individual Ledger account) in the form XXX XXX XXX XX.
The loss of pension certificate, contact PF to obtain a duplicate. The application form with a request for his extradition you can download in the Internet at To fill all fields in the document, you will also need proof of identity.
If you do not need a duplicate, and the above methods to find out social security number and failed, serve in the PF documents to obtain a green card, ie complete the form to receive the insurance pension certificate. If you have any questions inform the Fund that have not previously received document. After some time, you will receive a response that the person with the information specified in the questionnaire have already been issued, the certificate number xxx XXX XXX XX. The specified room will be sought.