The appearance and symptoms umbilical hernia

Bump on the skin at the navel, as if something round bulges out of the abdominal cavity - usually it looks like an umbilical hernia. Can be varied sizes depending on the stage of the disease. In the supine position of the patient a hernia of small size could be altered or "lost" on the surface of the abdomen, but not disappear. A small soft ball is able to reduce a when you click on it. At the initial stage of the hernia may be so small that even in the vertical position it is difficult to see. However, when the voltage of the abdominal muscles from coughing or laughing hernia usually begins to act.

Symptoms usually do not appear immediately. While the hernia is small, it rarely gives a person the inconvenience. Sensations of pain can arise only in case of infringement, the so-called twisting. This happens mostly when a strong physical exertion on the abdominal muscles. If the hernia is large, people may experience pain in the umbilical region after a meal or at a voltage of abdominal muscles. When an infringement of the probable danger, even death, as it is able to stop the supply of blood in trapped in the body, leading to intoxication.

What is a hernia?

Umbilical hernia has a structure consisting of three elements: the hernial SAC, the hernial contents and gryzenia gate. Herniation content is the part of the body (as a rule, bowel loops), caught in the hernial SAC. Hernial SAC containing part of the organ protrudes through weak abdominal wall - Gruziya gate. Himself hernial SAC is an internal wall hernia, enveloping the body. When you talk about incarceration, we are talking about the contraction gruzaviki gateway hernia SAC. "Fringe" bag becomes narrower, and blood stuck in the bag part of the body is worse. Hence the pain, nausea and constipation.

Umbilical hernia in newborns

In the first year of a child's life the diagnosis of "umbilical hernia" is very common. This is an objective reason: a weak spot in the abdominal wall - the umbilical ring of the child. The increase in size of the umbilical ring occurs due to improper maturation of collagen tissue. Frequent crying, screaming and attempts to interfere with the healing of the ring, but in the norm it is time to heal. If there are violations, all sorts of tension of the abdomen lead to the formation of the hernia SAC, which includes loops of the intestine and begin to bulge through the weak who failed to heal the umbilical ring.

Upon detection of umbilical hernia in the infant, it is recommended to tighten place the patch and wear it for ten days, but no more. If it is not healed, need massage and special exercises. In addition, the child as he learns to hold his head, it is useful to put on the stomach, which contributes to the reduction of the hernia and the correct location of the internal organs. To year umbilical hernia should disappear. Otherwise, it is removed by surgery.