Pathology such as an enlarged umbilical ring, under the age of 5 years usually successfully treated with massage of the abdominal wall. If massage does not lead to the disappearance of an umbilical hernia, it is necessary to do the operation. Similarly, through the operation to treat an umbilical hernia in children older than 5 years and adults.

Why is the umbilical ring in children can expand

Widespread among the ignorant medicine men believed that the occurrence of umbilical hernia in some way depends on the method of processing the umbilical cord is just a myth.

A few days after birth in infants there is no umbilical cord connecting the fetus with the placenta. The umbilical ring closes tightly, overgrown connective tissue. However, this process takes some time. If for some reason the intraperitoneal pressure in the baby's body will increase before the umbilical ring tightly together, may form a hernia. This is mainly due to genetic predisposition, the so – called "hereditary weakness of the abdominal fascia". If someone from parents of a child in childhood was an umbilical hernia, and he has with very high probability (almost 70%, according to medical statistics) there is such pathology.

Umbilical hernia can also develop because of the increased gas formation in the intestine, frequent and severe crying, constipation and other reasons.

If you notice some defect of the umbilical ring in an infant, be sure to show it to the surgeon. 10 minutes before feeding the baby lay its belly on a flat hard surface.

For what reasons can be umbilical hernia in adults

An umbilical hernia can occur into adulthood. This is due to excessive weight, strenuous exercise, injuries, post-surgical scars on the abdomen. That is why some people recommend after surgery to wear bandage.
Also an umbilical hernia can cause some of the disease, accompanied by severe long-lasting cough or fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity – for example, ascites (dropsy).

In women, umbilical hernia occurs more often than in men. This is due to anatomical and physiological differences of the female body. Especially important role in the formation of umbilical hernia plays a pregnancy, especially in the later stages where dramatically increases intra-abdominal pressure muscles of the abdominal wall weaken, and the umbilical ring is strongly stretched.