In inguinal hernia the tissue or organ come out from the abdominal cavity through the inguinal canal. The boys part of the contents may descend into the scrotum. Inguinal hernia is manifested most often in children aged six months to two years. It can be detected when crying, anxiety of the child or raising them with heavy items.
Define inguinal hernia is quite simple. In the period of activity of the kid in the groin or inguinal-scrotal region is formed swelling. If the resulting swelling a little pressure, then it vanishes hernia reduce. Usually parents find themselves inguinal hernia. If you have any suspicions, consult a doctor. Sometimes the hernia is very similar to a cyst of the spermatic cord or hydrocele. To diagnose the disease, the doctor usually appoints an ultrasound.
An umbilical hernia occurs more often in newborns. It manifests itself in the protrusion in the umbilical region, which can easily reduce a into the abdominal cavity when pressure is applied. An umbilical hernia appears during crying, screaming. The development of umbilical hernias contribute to frequent constipation, prolonged crying, rickets, reduced muscle tone.
For small hernia (1.5 cm), it can be almost invisible. To define it is possible only pushing the navel of the child. The finger thus "fail" in the abdominal cavity, and you can easily find out the size of the hernia. If the umbilical hernia is large, in the navel area is constantly visible swelling, which increases with crying.
Sometimes in the first months of baby's life a hernia may increase. However, do not panic. As a rule, the umbilical hernia goes away on its own without surgical intervention. For surgical treatment is resorted to, if the umbilical ring is not delayed by 5-7 years of age. Traditionally, umbilical hernia treated with massage, frequent vykladyvaniya on the tummy, gymnastics.