What is an umbilical hernia and why it occurs?

Umbilical hernia is a pathological seal adipose tissue, which protrudes through the gap in the abdominal muscles in the navel area. Often, such a deviation develops in the neonatal period in preterm infants. When coughing or crying they can see how it becomes convex or compressed umbilical region. In adults the disease can develop due to excessive load on the abdominal muscles or on the background of obesity. Some women have an umbilical hernia appears at a period of gestation of multiple pregnancies.

The characteristic symptom of an umbilical hernia is a seal or a bulge with a diameter of 1-5 cm In childhood it is not worrisome, while adults may experience some uncomfortable or pain when you press on the bulge.

Treatment of umbilical hernia for popular recipes

To treat umbilical hernia in the home only after consultation with your doctor. If the specialist won't see possible health hazards in the application of a means, so there's a chance to do without reposition of the hernia surgically.
Strengthen the connective tissue in the treatment of hernia will help psyllium husk, crushed to a powder. Medicinal drug you need to eat 12 times a day a pinch.

To relieve tension from abdominal muscles you can prepare a tincture. Flowers of cornflower twisted, dried and powdered, taken in the amount of 3 tablespoons and pour half a liter of boiling water. Capacity with a lid, wrap up and give way to steep for 60 minutes. Then his filter and take before eating half a Cup 3 times a day.

Dry powdered roots Plakun-grass, loosestrife loosestrife pour boiling water in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of raw materials to 1 Cup of liquid. Means cover and wrap to cool. It was then filtered, and take 1/4 Cup 20 minutes before each meal.
To get rid of a hernia compresses will help of roasted onions. It is cut and one half is applied to graziosa hole, fixing a scarf or belt. Procedure should be performed daily for 2 months.

To enrich the depleted tissues useful trace elements will help red or red clay, with a nutritional and regenerating properties. In the treatment of umbilical hernia it is used in the following way. 2 tablespoons of clay mixed with 1.5 tbsp warm water and make the cake. Then it is wrapped in cheesecloth and heated to a temperature 38оС. Treatment is performed by applying the warm tortillas to the densified area, and keep it until then, until the clay starts to dry. After 3 weeks, the hernia should disappear.

Fern in the treatment of umbilical hernia use. The leaves of the plant wash and pour boiling water. After a couple of minutes of their take out and fold 2-3 times, and then applied to the navel for 3 hours in a compress. For convenience, the leaves can be clipped with a scarf or a wide belt. Such treatment should be carried out daily throughout the month.