The calculation should start with the perimeter. The scheme of calculation is simple: add up the lengths of adjacent walls and multiply by 2. Example: if one wall is 3 meters and the other 4, then the perimeter is 14 meters.

You need to consider amendments in niches and ledges. If they are in the apartment, and the perimeter of the think differently. The perimeter is the sum of the lengths of each wall, measured along the floor.

Windows and doors are better not to subtract. Experts recommend that you do, despite the fact that the pasted over surface data elements are not included. Traditionally, the area of door and window openings left in reserve.

Do I need to glue the Wallpaper behind the furniture? If the furniture you have no plans to rearrange, then glue the Wallpaper over it's not necessary. If the wall is fully covered by a wardrobe or a rack, the perimeter to include it is not necessary.

For Wallpaper with a pattern, it is important to take into account the rapport. Rapport is called the pitch of the repeating pattern on the Wallpaper. The size of the repeat is indicated on the packaging. To the height of each leaf is added this value. Otherwise, the matching pattern between the two blades will not work.

To determine the height of the canvas, you need to know the height of the room. To height added rapport and if necessary, the step offset. Plus 8 - 10 cm for trimming the top and bottom of the canvas.

In order to determine the desired number of blades, you need to know the width of the roll. It is always indicated on the package. Usually the standard width, 53 cm Perimeter of the room and divide by the width of the roll, the result of rounding in a big way. Example: the perimeter of our room is 14 m, divide it by 53cm to round 27 and get the paintings.

How many paintings per roll we will determine if we divide the length of the roll to the height of the canvas. In this case, the figure is rounded down.

How many rolls needed for a room, we'll know if you need the room number of rolls divide by the number of blades in the rolls. To the result add the stock, 1 roll.

Leave the coil on the stock you need in the event of marriage. Because there is always the risk to damage 1 - 2 canvases when gluing. As the spare roll is required for emergency repairs in the future, in order to seal othersise or soiled area.