You will need
  • Roulette
  • Rake
  • Spirit level
  • A sheet of paper with a pencil or calculator
  • Of stool or ladder
Put on the wall vertical and horizontal lines. Vertical line guide closer to the corner of the room. To verify the accuracy of the lines with a spirit level. The height of the walls in the room are usually the same, so start with her. Place the ladder closer to the corner of the room and attach zero roulette to the point of intersection of the vertical line of the ceiling. Roulette align with the line. Carefully go down from the ladder, holding the tape measure. View, a division of roulette was in the point of intersection of the vertical line with the floor or baseboard. Record the height.
Measure the length of the room. It's best to do on a horizontal line, parallel to the floor or baseboard if it is smooth. Zero mark will align with the corner of the room, lay the tape measure along the line and note the division, which is aligned with the second corner.
Similarly, measure and record the width. Find the perimeter of the room, arms folded along the length and width and multiplying the resulting sum by 2. Calculate the wall surface area by multiplying the perimeter of the room multiplied by the height.