To calculate the area of a room, armed with a long tape measure. Fortunately, measuring the area of most Russian apartments do not cause major difficulties, because they were built on standard projects and all kind of resemble each other. Using a ruler measure the length and width of the room. Record the result in a notebook.
If your room lacks any protrusions or, on the contrary, holes in the walls, and shape of the room is a regular rectangle, to calculate area, multiply the resulting measurements to each other. This figure will be the total area of the room.
However, if your room is located, for example, part of a closet or in a room with some pillars, then you have to exclude these dimensions from the obtained measurement results. For this additionally calculate the area of each protruding element of the room and subtract it from the total area of the room.
Guided by the same principle, calculate the area of all room walls. To exclude the size of door openings and Windows, and also add an additional area of the walls arches such as under radiators. By doing thus, all the necessary measurements, you will get the exact area of the room, all its walls and floors and be able to calculate the amount of Wallpaper, linoleum or other materials you will need for repair.