You will need
  • meter, Karandash, calculator
First, calculate the area of all rooms of the apartment, including rooms, kitchen, toilet, corridor and a bathroom. Measure the length and width of the room by the roulette table (on the bottom, that is, on the floor), then multiply, and then, of course add up all the resulting squares. Do not include plinths. The location of a room occupied by, for example, stove or fireplace, non-heating devices (not decoration) in calculating square footage is not included.
Note that, for example, the area of loggias, balconies, verandas or terraces is not a part of the area of the housing, however, sometimes developers include it in the price of the apartment (the payment ratio should not exceed one second). Measure from wall to fence/wall (measurements on the floor), and the baffle area is not included.
Do the math and add to these to in paragraph 1 to the result area of all premises for commercial and domestic use. This definition includes pantry, niches for built-in cabinets and other ancillary facilities (sauna, facilities for teplogeneratora and other similar).
Do not include in total square dimensions of the ventilation shaft - like spaces (including elevators) in the amount of paid area are not included.
In case the house includes a loft (one wall is inclined at an angle of forty-five degrees to the horizon), its calculation is somewhat different. Measure the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling height is from 1.6 to 2.5 meters, the area of the floor surface is included in the total recorded the footage. If you counted that the ceiling, above 2.5 meters, then the payment of such premises must be made with a reduction factor amounting to 0.7.
Note that in some regions the total area of the apartment may include loggias, balconies, verandas or terraces, but the cost of the latter is calculated with the reduction factor of, for example, in Saint-Petersburg is 0.5 for loggias, 0.3 for balconies and terraces and 0.1 for unheated storage rooms and porches.