You will need
  • roulette;
  • notebook;
  • - handle;
  • calculator.
To calculate the area of the coloring of the floor, multiply the length by the width. This will be the area of the painting. To calculate the amount of paint you need, read the instructions on the packaging from the manufacturer. There always has information about the amount of paint that is specified in square metres. These instructions correspond to the coating on a single layer. If you are going to paint a wooden surface, so that the charge is adequate, treat all painted surfaces with primer or varnish. Then, the specified flow will exactly match the actual flow. When painting the surface in two coats, multiply the calculated area of a floor or two.
To calculate the area of painting the ceiling, make exactly the same calculation as sex, that is multiply the length by the width. If the ceiling has any additional protrusions or niches, calculate their area separately and add to the total area of the painting, multiply the result by two if you want to produce color in two layers.
If you wish to clean the walls where there are Windows and doors, calculate the total areaby multiplying the length of each of the painted wall in the width, add the calculated numbers. Separately calculate area of doors and Windows by multiplying length by width, add up the digits and subtract the result from the total area of all the walls.
To paint the battery and the heating pipes calculate the area of the batteries. To do this, multiply the length by the width, add to the number of 20% if the batteries have a convex shape.
To calculate the area of painting of pipe, measure the entire length of the pipe, multiply by the diameter and multiply by two, as the pipes also need to paint on two layers.
To calculate the square painting the window frames, measure the length of the frames, add all the resulting numbers, and multiply by the width. Separately calculate area of window-sill, multiplying length by width. Add the obtained square to the square frames. This method calculate all the frames, put the obtained results.