You will need
  • soap;
  • - container for biological material;
  • - a jar of baby puree;
  • - detergent.
The wide spread of giardiasis due to the ease of transmission of the causative agent: the use of infected cysts food, especially not subjected to heat treatment (vegetables, berries, fruits), and water; cysts through contaminated hands and household items. When infected by Giardia, you can observe the following symptoms: dull abdominal pain, rarely severe pain in the umbilical region; nausea; vomiting; distension of abdomen; rumbling; constipation, dramatically changing the abundant diarrhea; allergic reaction; decreased appetite; fatigue.
Giardia are tiny parasites. The body size of adult to 18 microns. In Calais with the naked eye to detect Giardia is impossible. To diagnose giardiasis is microscopic examination of feces for presence of Giardia. Microscopy of stool Giardia is found in the form of cysts or vegetative form. Vegetative stage of Giardia looks like a halved pear with passively drive. The cysts have an irregular oval shape. Reliable confirmation of infection Giardia is fecal for Giardia. Need to properly collect feces for analysis.
Buy in a drugstore a special sterile container for biological material. Do not open the packaging until the time of delivery of the analysis, as this may lead to a breach of the sterile conditions and obtaining reliable results. Before the collection of feces is necessary to urinate. Do a thorough washing of the genitals and anus with warm water and soap. Dry the genital area and anus before passing stool to prevent the destruction of Giardia cysts elements of detergent and water. With a spatula from the container for biological material, collect the feces. Label the container, indicating the name, surname and date of specimen collection. Deliver biological material in the form of heat in the laboratory within 20 minutes or within 2 hours.
In the absence of a special sterile container for biological material, you can use a jar of baby puree. You must carefully wash jar under running water with detergent, dry it. Cotton swab to collect the feces in the container, close the lid, label, specifying the surname, name, patronymic and date of delivery of the feces.
The feces should be obtained by spontaneous defecation. In the presence of constipation in a day before the test, it is recommended to take any laxative. Cal for research on the presence of Giardia you need to take from different places in the stool. In case of negative result of research of a feces on Giardia, but the presence of characteristic symptoms of giardiasis, spend 3-4-fold stool with an interval of 3-4 days.