Symptoms of Giardia in the liver are: bloating, coating on the tongue, enlargement of the liver size, pain in the umbilical region, the right hypochondrium, feeling of full stomach. Perhaps the development of hypotonic crises, accompanied by unconscious States. In chronic giardiasis is marked pallor of the skin. Often giardiasis liver affects the skin discoloration of the palms and soles. At the initial stage of the disease they have brick-red hue, with the development of the disease the color becomes pale pink.
In most cases treatment of acute giardiasis liver is carried out with the use of "Trichopolum", "Liberal", "Furazolidone", the drug is taken within 5-10 days. Therapy for chronic form of the disease is carried out in 3 stages, so as not to cause toxicologically complications. On the 1st stage, treatment is directed at improving fermentative activity of the intestine, carried out a correction of the immunological status. The length of this period depends on the level of severity of symptoms and can last 1-2 weeks.
Treatment at this stage includes adherence to a diet aimed at creating the conditions that would be detrimental to the growth and reproduction of Giardia. You need to eat more vegetables, cereals, wholesome dried fruit, vegetable oil. You should limit simple carbohydrates. Patients prescribed cholagogue, enzymes, chelators, antihistamines. Administration antigistaminnah drugs and enterosorbents should continue throughout the course of treatment.
On the 2nd stage, special antiparasitic therapy medical drugs that affect the simplest ("Furazolidone", "Liberal", "Trichopolum"). Treatment in this phase may last 5-10 days. Drugs can cause side effects which include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, symptoms of intoxication, abdominal pain, disturbances of blood composition, allergic reactions, neurological disorders, destruction of liver cells.
On the 3rd phase of treatment aimed at increasing immunity and the creation of special conditions that hinder the development of recurrences. Useful diet to improve intestinal motility: vegetables and fruits, vegetable and fruit purees, baked apples, cereal porridge, dairy products. To enhance immunity prescribed multivitamin complexes, herbal adaptogens. For elimination of intestinal dysbiosis used enzyme preparations, prebiotics, probiotics, and the Third stage of treatment of Giardia in the liver, on average, takes 2-3 weeks.