Advice 1: How to make does not turn on the laptop

Ways to make laptop not turn on quite a lot. Each of them differs from another element, which is necessary to address to eliminate the possibility of turning on the computer.
How to make does not turn on the laptop

The main ways

Decide what kind of Troubleshooting on your notebook you are more comfortable. In this regard, there are two main types: technical and programmatic. Technical methods aimed at changing the connection of units laptop. In this case you will have to work with his hands, and the laptop is seemingly faulty. The software is based typically on changing the settings of the boot process laptop. This may be due to changes in the operating system boot and prevent the boot device in the BIOS.

Technical means

If you want the laptop seemed quite "dead", the most simple and effective way is to disable the power circuit. This means that you will have to disconnect the power plug on the motherboard. However, this method is dangerous if you are not well versed in the intricacies of the connection elements of the computer and you have no experience opening a laptop.

More simple ways are disabling the power button on the laptop or disconnecting items such as the hard disk or RAM. The mute button will allow to disguise of the surgery, but it is not always possible to get close enough to connect the button to turn it off. Hard disk and strap memory, as a rule, are on view.

Remove the back casing of the laptop using a notched screwdriver. Do not give excessive force, if any part of the body is not removed. Try to Unscrew all the screws and carefully remove the cover. Removing the lid, you'll notice that you have access to the hard disk, RAM and to connect the cooling fan (cooler). Disabling any of these elements will not allow the system to operate.


Use software to disable the laptop boot if you don't want to get into the computer. Turn on the laptop and in the beginning it is loading press F2. A window will appear with the BIOS settings. Going to the tab Boot, you will see a list of devices that are loaded by the processor when turning on the laptop. Devices in the list are arranged in the order they are loaded. In order to download the operating system has not started, select it in the list with the name of the hard drive. Press the Enter key. Will appear the list of devices. Select any other device is listed, or, if possible, empty paragraph. Press F10 to save settings and reboot. Now download to your laptop will stop almost immediately after switching because of the inability of the hard disk.

Advice 2: How to make a computer myself included

Such function as automatic switching on of the computercan be very useful under different circumstances. In modern computers this option allows you to simplify the user experience. Frequently online asked questions associated with turning on the computer. To carry out this operation, it is first necessary to configure the system.
How to make a computer myself included
You will need
  • Personal computer BIOS
All settings will be made in the underlying system I / o, so the first thing to go into the BIOS. It allows you to prepare your computer to all software have been able to start at startup, and to exercise control over the personal computer.
To do this, when booting the computer press for some time “Delete” key. The tripping of the operating system is not immediately, so you have several times to restart the computer and press the button.
Next go to “Section for energy management”(eng.Power Management Setup).
Then go to “Settings Wake the computer”. Wake Up Event Setup or Wake Up from S5).
Now go to the option “Resume By Rtc Alarm” and put the on-time of the computer on every day. You can put a variety of time settings to 24 hour format. Also worth noting is that your computer will self off every day, because the settings are designed for permanent storage of information.
Save all the settings you just made. This can be done by pressing “F10”. Also can hover over the tab “Save” and press “Enter”. Now your computer will turn on at the time which was specified in the system.
If you need to change the automatic switch-on time of the computer, can also enter the BIOS and change the settings. If your operating system is a password on user login, you need to disable it because the OS will not be able to automatically turn a slave to the table for confirm the password.
This can be done through the tab “control Panel”. Look under “Account”. Next, locate the desired user and click on the “Edit account”. When the password is disabled, press “Save”. Now no problems with automatically enable your computer to not be.
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