You will need
  • a set of screwdrivers.
Specialists do not recommend to use the laptop with the faulty battery. It does not matter what is the cause of incorrect operation of the device. Immediately after the malfunction is detected, remove the battery from the mobile computer.
First, shut down the laptop. Make sure that the device is completely disabled and does not work in hibernation mode. Now disconnect the power supply from AC power. Remove the cable from the slot the laptop.
Flip the mobile computer and explore mount rechargeable battery. If you are dealing with a relatively old model laptopand you may need a screwdriver. Remove the mounting screws from the housing of the mobile device.
Pry with a screwdriver with a flat tip edge of the battery and remove the battery. Modern laptopAh battery are fixed with special latches. The most commonly used system preventing accidental disconnection of the battery.
Install the first controller in the Open position. Usually on the body of the laptopand apply a special pattern of open lock. Now change the position of the second regulator. Pry the vacant side of the battery and remove the battery.
Now connect the power supply to the mobile computer. Open the cover of the laptopand press the power button. Wait for loading the operating system. Disable the warning about a missing battery.
It is important to understand that the battery in the laptopAh performs not only the function of the power element, but is a passive protection system against voltage surges. After removing the battery, do not connect your mobile computer to an unreliable power sources. Use a surge protector or voltage stabilizer to protect the laptop.