The most common problem due to which laptop restarts itself

This problem may affect any computer viruses. The user with average knowledge for working with a laptop used Windows, for which a huge number of malware.

Some of them lead to the fact that the laptop computer starts to spontaneously reboot. To solve this problem is quite simple: just install a good antivirus and check the system.
Check the system for viruses and see the results, you will be able to see us whether you are the cause of spontaneous reboots.
If you do not used the antivirus, you may have a serious problem. With a long life, the virus leaves a large number of copies, every day is introduced and destroys your OS. Can occur an unpleasant situation, and after checking antivirus you have to reinstall Windows.

There is an alternative solution to this problem: install as Ubuntu is a free environment which employs programmers. It is not very convenient for ordinary users, but the viruses in it are not functioning.
To put it do not have Ubuntu, you can install on your laptop any similar environment.

Other problems

One common cause is overheating of the processor and the protection of the computer when the temperature reaches a certain level. To check if this is the case, you need to go into the bios menus and see the status of the machine. If the temperature reaches 60 ° C and exceeds this threshold, you can be sure that the cause of imperatorski found. To solve this problem, please contact the service center, most likely, the fans can not cope with the cooling and must be replaced.

A reboot can cause the wrong driver is installed. Just reinstall them using the free program DriversPack. If the power supply fails for some reason, also can reboot the computer. To check remove the battery and turn the laptop on without her. If the spontaneous reboots stopped, feel free to buy a new battery.

Spontaneous reboots can occur due to hardware incompatibility. This happens after the replacement of any element. This problem is solved by replacing the parts calling for such a collapse.

If you are unsure of the causes of spontaneous reboot of the laptop, contact the service center for advice. To repair the laptop yourself, without an accurate knowledge of the problems, not worth it.