If you constantly use the laptop at home, battery battery. This will allow not to spend life of the battery. The fact that each battery has a number of cycles of charging and discharging. The more you use the battery, the faster the element will fail.
Turn off the mobile computer. Make sure that your operating system completed the work. Some laptops after pressing Power switch the OS into hibernation mode and not off.
Disconnect the power cord from the mobile computer. In any case do not remove the battery pack while the notebook is connected to AC current.
Flip portable PC. Do not place the computer cover on a hard surface. Examine the type of fastening of the battery. New models of laptops used clips which are easily pushed with your fingers. Perform this step. Remove the battery from the housing.
In a relatively old mobile computers battery may be in a separate tray. Unscrew a few screws and remove the cover. Remove the battery.
Connect the power supply to the laptop and then connect the adapter with AC power. Always perform this procedure in the sequence shown. This is especially important when working without battery.
Now your computer is ready to use. Remember that the battery of the mobile computer performs the functions of voltage stabilizer. Purchase an uninterruptible power supply. Connect a laptop to the network using this equipment.
This approach will prevent damage to the controller of the laptop during sudden power surges. In addition, in the event the power you will be able to shut down the operating system and specific programs.