You will need
  • driver disks
  • the cord connecting the laptop to the mains
  • phone
Check the power supply of the laptopIf the laptop is not included, it is important to check its power. So, the laptop may be missing the mains connection or can be a low battery level.
How to revive a laptop
Rate the performance of the operating issues if the laptop turns on, but monitor displays a blue screen with the "unknown" to the ordinary user labels. Most likely, the laptop is faulty, the operating system (this may be due to virus attack, incorrect operation of many programs and other reasons).
How to revive a laptop
Go into the BIOS systemcase in order to "revive" the computer needs to go into the BIOS and check all settings of the operating system.
How to revive a laptop
Locate the appropriate section.Go to "Advanced BIOSFeatures". It sought "First BootDevice" and choose "CDROM". These actions are necessary to correct errors in the operating system.
Insert to insert the disk with the new drivers. The screen will appear quite "normal" and straightforward tips, following which the system will be reset. Specialists suggest to use the "updated" laptop an antivirus program that will protect the laptop with daily visits to the Internet.
To turn to the experts.If you fear to commit wrong actions in the process of resuscitation of the laptop, take it to computer shop or service center to diagnose the device and receive the qualified help in terms of Troubleshooting. With the same purpose, you can refer to private masters, announcements about services that you can always find in the Newspapers and on the network, or friends who are well versed in computers.