The causes of nausea are many, it can be a pain in the transport or plane, poor nutrition, stress or pregnancy. In each case it is necessary to select certain pills will help significantly improve the condition.
If the cause of nausea are sea or air sickness, then a great option is always to keep your pills "Dramina". They can be taken even the youngest children, only in smaller doses. "Dramina" inhibits stimulation of the vestibular apparatus, which causes nausea. Works in only 15 minutes, retains its effect up to 6 hours. The same indications for use is "Aeron". Before you fly for 30-60 need to take one tablet, which will operate for 6 hours. The biggest advantage of these tablets is that they can be taken while you're pregnant.
Most broad spectrum is "Reglan". It is used not only for motion sickness, and nausea of various origins, reflux disease, vomiting from the medication. When receiving the "Zerkala" you must strictly adhere to the instructions and remember that these pills are not suitable for children under 14 .
With special carefulness it is necessary to choose pills for nausea for pregnant women and children. They must be not only effective but primarily safe. The cause of nausea in children is different: high fever, infectious diseases, cerebral circulatory disorders, diseases of the digestive system, the application of the drug . When the doctor finds out the true cause nausea and vomiting, it assigns to children a comprehensive treatment, which often includes "Motilium". It comes in the form of tablets and suspensions. Tablet form you can assign children 5 who weigh more than 35 kg.
Pregnant more than half of the above means simply is contraindicated, so a separate treatment of nausea they do not in any case. Doctors prescribe pregnant women often "Allergy". It is of plant origin, which stimulates the production of bile, promotes the excretion of products of nitrogen metabolism, particularly urea. The use of "Hofitol" pregnant possible only after a thorough examination and constant supervision of a doctor.