What causes nausea

Nausea can cause and the use of substandard products, and a number of diseases. Many pregnant women often feel nauseous, especially in the first trimester. Impressionable, nervous people also often feel nausea when I'm nervous. First of all it is necessary to establish the cause of frequent nausea. In many cases, nausea is one of the symptoms of diseases of the stomach and duodenum. It can manifest itself not only fasting but also after meals. Often at the same time with nausea a person feels a burning, bursting pain in the upper abdomen.

Diseases of the gallbladder, liver and pancreas are also often accompanied by nausea. Associated symptoms: abdominal pain, yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, metallic taste in the mouth.

In any case you must consult a gastroenterologist and get tested. Your doctor may order a gastroscopy, ultrasound examination, x-rays of the stomach, as well as biochemical analysis of blood. After diagnosis, along with medication, it is necessary to strictly follow a diet. From the diet should exclude heavy, fatty and spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, minimize the use of fried foods (replacing them boiled and stewed).

If nausea is associated with increased anxiety, excitement, need to resort to anger management, to avoid stressful situations. In addition, a doctor's appointment you can be sedated, bath with pine extracts.

Nausea is one of the most common symptoms of migraine. Unfortunately, to predict when the migraine attack is almost impossible. Therefore, people suffering from migraine, you need to constantly be in possession of drugs, mitigating symptoms.

As already mentioned, many pregnant women experience frequent nausea. This phenomenon is called "toxemia of pregnancy". Usually in the second trimester, the morning sickness disappears. If nausea accompanied by severe vomiting, occurs frequently (up to 20 times per day or even more often), it is necessary to consult a doctor!

How to get rid of nausea

In cases when the cause of nausea is unclear, the doctor can use anti-nausea drugs. In addition, you must consume only easily digestible food, in small portions, but often. You should refrain from fatty food, fast food, chips. At the beginning of the nausea, you can suck on a peppermint or an altoid, like those offered to the passengers of the aircraft before takeoff.