You will need
  • - mint;
  • - ginger;
  • - lemon;
  • - ice;
  • - drugs.
One of the most pleasant remedies for nausea is peppermint. Feeling unpleasant symptom and brew a tea with dried or fresh plant. If nausea occurs due to problems with the stomach, you will help herbal mint tea with chamomile. But after feeling unwell on the street, just go to the nearest store and buy a pack breath mints or chewing gum.
Ginger is another popular remedy for nausea. Prepare yourself a healthy drink: finely chop or grate a small amount of ginger, fill it with boiling water and let stand. Once the drink has cooled, strain it and drink. The discomfort will soon depart.
For those people who do not suffer from hyperacidity of the stomach, recovery from sickness can be a lemon drink. For its preparation take half a citrus, cut it into slices or small wedges and cover with boiling water. After a drink infusions and will be acceptable for you temperature, it is possible to drink and shoot attack.
Mild nausea can be alleviated by using ice. Remove from the freezer cube, put it in your mouth and allow to dissolve until, until it melts. After that you should be easier. If you are sick regularly, freeze herb tea, lemon or ginger drink, so you can quickly do yourself to help.
If folk remedies do not help, use the achievements of modern medicine. Those who are swayed in transport, will help "Dramina" and other drugs in which the active ingredient is dimenhydrinate. The drug directly affects the vestibular apparatus, the readings of which do not correspond to what a person receives through sight. After taking the drug nausea stops.
Drugs containing metoclopramide or domperidone, for example, "Reglan" is also a great deal with nausea. The active substances block dopamine receptors and helping stomach contents to find the right direction, preventing vomiting and coping with unpleasant mood.
In the case when not at home nausea medication, and your condition not allow you to get to the pharmacy, take an antihistamine. Histamine is responsible not only for allergic reactions, but also for nausea, so you will save even "Suprastin". There are special drugs for nausea acting in a similar manner "Aeron", "Pipolfen", "Fenkarol".