The main reason for kinetosis is an irritation of the otolith apparatus, located in the middle ear. Its receptors serve as sensors of gravity and linear accelerations. Painful conditions of sickness are manifested primarily when traveling on a winding road.

To prevent unpleasant symptoms, before you go take pharmaceutical drugs: "Bonin", "Vertigoheel", "Kamino", "passenger", "Promethazine", "Dimenhydrinate", "Ginger" capsules, "Fezam". Carefully read the annotation. Before the use of any means will receive the recommendation of the attending physician.

Prepare for a long trip in advance. Make a short travel time, increase transit gradually. It will be a kind of training of the vestibular apparatus for a long journey by car.

During the trip, sit in the front seat, look in the windshield. If you watch by a passing vehicle or admire the scenery through the side window, flashing items attack will cause kinetosis.

Make sure that the car was not hot. If you travel in cold season, heating of the cabin turn on minimal mode. In the heat it is better to use air conditioning or make a small draft to increase air circulation.

Every 30 minutes stop. Get out, relax, walk in the fresh air, take a few tilts forward, backwards, sit down, jump up and down in one place.

Choose the speed and rate of movement. Fluctuations of speed, the frequent and sharp turns lead to sickness. Symptoms of kinetosis occur acutely and transferred hard.

Do not use car air fresheners, do not use toilet water, perfume and deodorant before going to the car. Ask your travel companions not to smoke in the cabin.

The day before the trip, keep a light diet. Do not consume garlic, onion, spices, and alcoholic beverages. Two hours before the trip, eat a light Breakfast. During the trip, totally abstain from eating.

Travel with your eyes closed and make the trip in the dark. This will significantly reduce the risk of sickness and prevent the discomfort associated with kinetosome.

If you are still seasick, drink a glass of cold water, adding natural lemon juice, eat a few slices of orange, associte a few mints. In extreme cases, intense chew mint gum.