The morning sickness that accompanies pregnancy for many women. It can manifest itself not only in the morning, but also throughout the day. It is often typical for early payment. After 12-14 weeks of pregnancy nausea goes away, but there are women who suffer from preeclampsia prior to the birth. If nausea is not lost until the third trimester, you must consult a gynecologist to rule out the development of preeclampsia – a serious complication for the baby and for the expectant mother.
To get rid of nausea during pregnancy, or at least significantly reduce the symptoms, you need to identify the cause. Sometimes toxicosis occurs in women not planning pregnancy. If the child is unwanted, on a psychological level, the body "rejects" the fruit is trying to provoke a miscarriage. To keep the baby, consult a psychologist. It will positively set you on the process of carrying a baby and childbirth. Because of this, the nausea is greatly reduced.
If you smoke, take alcohol or drugs, the nausea during pregnancy is not at all surprising. She suggests that you poison your body and the body of the unborn baby. Such intoxication can lead to brain hypoxia, which is expressed through nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.
If nausea occurs due to hormonal changes – it's just a manifestation of adaptation to the gestation. To resolve the toxicity, hold in mouth a slice of lemon. Still lying in bed, eat one salty cracker. Snack on nuts and dried fruits. It is desirable to add water to the lemon juice. It is also recommended biscuits or ginger tea.
Most importantly a daily walk in the fresh air at least two hours. Take vitamins which will prescribe the doctor. Forget about fast food, fatty, smoked and spicy foods. Eat fruits and vegetables.
Will be useful, moderate exercise. But only if you received the approval of the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. And, importantly, provide yourself proper rest.
There are medications that help to eliminate nausea during pregnancy. To assign them you can be a doctor. Pregnant often prescribe herbal remedies for the liver, pills for nausea is strictly prohibited to pregnant women, they have an impact on the nervous system.