To prepare for the trip in advance. If you know that you have a child or a weak vestibular system, start to train him. Use the means at hand: rocking chair, swing on the street, squats several times a day, tilt, and swivel chair. These home exercises will help strengthen the vestibular system, so the time of travel without discomfort increased.

Before the trip, it is necessary to sleep well, when the body is vigorous, his ability to resist the unfavorable conditions increase. Make sure you have Breakfast: hungry way to go, you should not. Just discard the fatty food, especially if you plan to travel on water – heavy food enhances the effect of the sea sickness. Remember that not eating, go on a trip in any case is impossible, begin to feel sick from hunger, not from transport.

Be sure to stock up on mints or sour candy, gum, or homeopathic balls from motion sickness. Such funds do not cause drowsiness, and sucking and chewing movements allow allow the vestibular system to normal.

If nausea, after all, defeated the imaging technique. Relax, close your eyes, align the breathing. Imagine pickles from the barrel. The fact that the use of this product perfectly relieves symptoms of motion sickness. When he is not available, think of it manner, call from memories of taste and smell. This exercise will help to get rid of nausea in transport.

In case of impossibility to perform these actions or their inefficiency, use a special tablet. The pharmacy will help you find those that suit to your event. This is the easiest way of doing it, if sick to transport. Pay special attention to the side effects of the purchased apparatus. Also, bring a paper or plastic bag.

It is also important to remember that it is not necessary to do if you get sick in transport. For example, do not sit on the last seat on the bus. If everyone else is busy, ask someone to switch with you, explaining the reason. It is also not recommended to sit with your back facing and read. It is best to look ahead on the road, without being distracted by the parties.