You will need
  • - sandpaper
  • Polish for surface treatment baths
  • - airbrush
  • - putty
  • - acrylic insert
In order to begin the restoration of the bath, using a particular method, consult professionals and consult. But if you want to try to recover your "favorite" on your own, proceed as follows. If it's arson or scratches, clean all existing defects with the help of sandpaper (lower grit from 80 to 2000). Don't worry, sanding will not change the color of the bath, because acrylic is a homogenous material.
Then proceed with the processing of special surface Polish. In that case, if the burn is deep, first fill it with liquid acrylic, and then start polishing. All the necessary materials, pre-purchase in a store building materials, to the process, you don't have to constantly be distracted by it.
If the defect is expressed in the form of cracks, hone it with a drill, fill and allow to dry. Then smoothen with sandpaper (with decreasing granularity). And only then, take the airbrush and paint mascara on evenly "healed wound".
So it was less noticeable, choose "color" in the color of the bath, since the bath is a white individual. When the job is done, leave the paint to harden for two days and then treated with special Polish.
If the bath of the affected chips and holes, that is, deeper defects, use to repair the coarse filler, which allows to apply a more uniform layer and will not flake off. And after you Salpetriere damage, sand them with sandpaper and then make the filling more fine-grained sandpaper. Next, go to paint, choosing color, and must be treated with special Polish.
For the restoration of the baths you can use acrylic liner, which is applied above the surface of the old tub. This recovery method requires much less time compared to the previous. Contact the specialists who install liners and in 3-4 hours, your tub will be like new!