You will need
  • Polish;
  • - liquid acrylic;
  • - drill;
  • - putty;
  • - airbrush;
  • - sandpaper.
To rid the bathroom of the small scratches and burn-through pre-moisten the scratched surface, scrape it first large emery paper, then fine. Scratches can also be cleaned with a felt cloth. Treat the clearing bath a special Polish. With a deep burn pour a bath of liquid acrylic and Polish.
Deep crack hone drill, fill and wait until dry. Dry surface clean with large and fine sandpaper, then evenly paint using the airbrush. Carefully pick the color of the paint to accurately match the color of the bathroom. After two days, when the paint kristallizuetsya, treat the surface with a special Polish.
Deep coarse defects repaired with putty. It forms a homogeneous layer which is not prone to shattering. Sand surface with emery paper. Do the finish machining. Seal the defects of a finely divided filler, clean with fine sandpaper, carefully choose a color and paint the tub. After solidification of the paint within two days Polish the surface.