You will need
  • - drill;
  • - sandpaper No. 400;
  • kit for repair of acrylic bathtubs.
Represented plumbing manufacturers in the big assortment, with the development of scientific and technological progress, it is converted to a new form, there are various options for the solution styles. First came a cast-iron bath, then a more lightweight steel and aluminum. The emergence of polymers caused a revolution in the production of consumer goods. Not remained aloof and plumbing. Taking any shape, acrylic is considered an ideal material. But it has its period of operation. The most common wear acrylic bathtubs are cracked and chipped. Cracks from years of wear and tear or from a fall in a bath of various items. The development of modern technology allows to treat even the most complex damage. For fixing acrylic bath, prepare in advance a drill, sandpaper and a kit for repair of acrylic bathtubs. It can be bought at a hardware specialty store.
Emery paper abrade the surface of the bath around the crack one inch. Choose sandpaper with a grit number 400. Take the drill and drill holes at the ends of the cracks. It will not allow the cracks to spread further on the surface of acrylic bathtubs. Warm water with soap and rinse the repair area and let it dry. If you don't have time for drying, use a simple household Hairdryer to dry hair. Apply the putty on the affected area and clean. Acrylic has a homogeneous composition, so the color will not change. With an airbrush, pick up paint and paint the bathtub. Wait two days while the paint kristallizuetsya. At the end of this period, the Polish special Polish.
If there is a more serious flaw, often it is a burn, you need a more substantial repair. In this case, after the treatment, the damaged area acrylic bath pour a liquid acrylic and Polish again.
When the chips and holes, holes and defects repaired krupnogabaritnogo putty. Abrade with emery paper. Then, apply a smooth uniform layer of very fine putty and sand with sandpaper. Choose the color and two days later color. In any case, the bath will have the original appearance.