The lips is one of the main conditions for the perfect manicure, which for a long time will become covered by cracks and splits. When choosing paint for long-lasting manicure, you need to pay attention not only to its decorative quality. As the varnish for nails is one of the most toxic products you can find in the ladies purse, it is important to choose coatings with a safe composition that do not contain harmful substances.

What should be part of a quality resistant nail Polish, and what means are best avoided?

The composition and properties resistant nail Polish

Composed of cheap and low-quality paints usually have one of three components that are used by manufacturers to give the nail elasticity and resistance: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene. These substances not only negatively affect the nail plate, making the nail brittle, rough and changing their color but also have harmful toxic effects on the entire body.

Quality resistant varnishes can be identified by the marking of Big Three Free or Big3Free. It means that the paint contains none of the harmful ingredients – formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate. However, not all cosmetics manufacturers use this mark, so if you buy gel Polish to see what is included.

For the manufacture of safe and high quality resistant coatings the following components are used:

butyl acetate and ethyl acetate – they do not have a sharp odor and can quickly evaporate, and therefore provide a high resistance varnish, without penetrating thus into the nail plate;

- nitrocellulose – lacquer gives the extra strength and gloss;

- ceramides contribute to the growth of nails and strengthening their structures;

- proteins make the nail plate smooth and prevents splitting nails;

- castor oil – strengthens and nourishes the nails, making them more flexible and protects from chemicals.

Lipsticks with such a composition are considered the most qualitative and safe. But when buying you should pay attention not only on the components included in the composition of the varnish.

How to choose a good nail Polish?

Buy nail polishes only in those stores where there are testers. With their help, you will be able to fully check the quality of the varnish before you buy. How to do it right:

- rate the appearance of the lacquer: it should have uniform consistency, without lumps, and bundles;

- make sure that the paint is too sharp and pungent smell: high-quality nail Polish should have a faint smell of acetone;

- note on the brush: it should be smooth, with rounded edge and without getting out of the fibers;

- get a little paint on the brush and hold it on weight: quality paint comes off the brush very quickly (about 3-4 seconds);

- check how well the Polish goes on nails: for this purpose it can be applied in two layers on any smooth surface and make sure that the paint does not leave streaks or unevenness.

And remember: the nail Polish dries completely in about 10 minutes. Therefore do not select for resistant nail Polish quick-drying lacquers: the faster the lacquer dries, the more likely it is that it includes harmful components.