First citizen of Georgia to the Russian visa you have to decide what kind of visa he needed. There are four kinds of Russian visas: private, transit, student and business. In all cases the passport must be valid for not less than 180 days after the expiration of the visa. The invitation can be received from private persons and legal persons (for example, educational institutions in the case of a student visa) and must be designed in accordance with the Russian legislation in the migration service of the Russian Federation.

Private visa and business visa

To gain a private or business visa must be submitted to the consular service the following set of documents:
1. passport;
2. invitation;
3. application form for getting a Russian visa;
4. actual photo (color, 3,5x4,5).

Student visa

For student visa to Russia the following documents are required:
1. passport;
2. invitation;
3. application form for getting a Russian visa;
4. actual photo (color, 3,5x4,5);
5. student ID if the student learns first year;
6. an international certificate of absence of HIV infection.

Transit visa

To obtain a transit visa, it is possible to prepare the following documents:
1. the passport with the visa of a neighboring state along the route;
2. application form for getting a Russian visa;
3. actual photo (color, 3,5x4,5);
4. originals and copies of travel tickets with confirmed date of departure from the territory of the Russian Federation;
5. medical insurance policy (in some cases).

The section of Russian interests at the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia

The interests of Russia in Georgia is not an Embassy, and the section of Russian interests at the Swiss Embassy, which is located in Tbilisi. That's where we have a consular service, considering the documents for the issuance of visas. The visa process lasts from one to twenty working days, the cost of registration depending on the type of visa and the urgency - from 60 to 310 US dollars. Submit documents for review by appointment only on the website of consular service of section of interests of Russia. Consulate warns citizens of Georgia against attempts to speed up or facilitate a visa by reference to third parties, as there are cases of fraud in this area.