You will need
  • - passport;
  • - invitation from a host;
  • photography.
Get the passport of your country to travel abroad. In many States, this is a document that is different from the internal ID.
Please specify whether you have selected the type of visa. Visitor visa is ideal for those traveling to Russia at the invitation of friends or relatives. This document does not give the right to work, this visa cannot be extended in Russia. If you are traveling in a tourist group or invited to the Russian business partners, you will need to obtain another visa type - tourist or business.
Assemble the documents required for obtaining a visa. Take a picture and attach the picture to the papers. Receive an invitation from a friend - a Russian citizen or a person living there permanently. The letter must include the commitment to provide you a place of residence during the trip. Or, if you live elsewhere, you can apply to other documents, booking of hotel accommodation for the duration of stay in the country.
Find the address of the Russian Embassy in your country. This can be done through the directory of organizations published by in your state. If the Embassy will be far away from you, you can contact them by phone and verify the ability of remote submission of documents. For example, this is feasible if the country has a travel Agency accredited to the Embassy.
Apply for consideration. Before you complete the application form for a visa. Pay the visa fee. Its amount depends on the country where is the Embassy, as well as the urgency of execution. For the standard cost of a visa will be issued for up to ten days, and with Supplement up to three business days.
Upon approval of your application will get the passport issued with his visa. with it you will be able to double-cross the Russian border, and if requested multivisa, and a greater number of times.