You will need
  • - passport of the inviter;
  • - copy of passport or other ID value;
  • - the money for the payment of a fee.
Compose a letter of guarantee. In it you must indicate that you assume the responsibility and costs of accommodation of a foreigner in Russia. You will need to provide housing at a time when it will be in the country. An example of this letter can be found in the Federal migration service (FMS) at the place of residence.
Ask your guest to send you a copy of your identity card. Translation into the Russian language is not obligatory, if the text is in English.
Pay duty on registration of the invitation. It is five hundred rubles (data for 2012). This can be done at any Bank. Details of FMS at the place of your residence you can find in the savings Bank. In the branches of the Bank on special stands placed examples of the preparation of payment documents for the payment of money to the various state services. There are examples of receipts for FMS.
To find the address of the local Federal migration service on the organization's website - Come back in specified business hours all documents. The place complete the application for invitation to enter Russian Federation. Transmit documents to the employee organization.
Wait for invitations. It usually takes a month, but if you provide proof that to travel to Russia a foreigner urgent need, then you can go forward and reduce the term of consideration is up to 1 working week. When it is done, come to the FMS and get it. Next, you will need to send it to a foreigner, for which it is issued. With this document he will be able to get a visa to Russia.