Private invitation is sent to the concerned face of his guest in the following cases: to meet with distant relatives or friends, if needed, contacts with a specific person, invitation friends family members (split family), visiting graves of relatives, with a cross-border exchange and in special cases (emergency treatment, death of a close relative, etc.)
It is worth noting that private invitations are issued only if they are not in conflict with the current Legislation of the Russian Federation.
For registration of private invitation you must contact the OUFMS on your place of residence (permanent registration). You should have: a copy of passport page with photo; a special form filled out in Russian and Latin letters; copy of invitee's passport of the citizen; the name of the city where the Russian Consulate where your guest will receive an invitation.
Usually the invitation is about 30 days. Then the original is handed directly into the hands of the invited foreigner, and then begins the procedure of obtaining a visa to visit Russia.
Guest private visas can be only single entry and is issued for a period up to 3 months. Making private visa can take up to 3-4 months. It is a long and complicated procedure. Therefore, experts advise not to issue the guest and tourist visa. Tourist visa you can do in the travel Agency according to the signed contract. Consular agreement between the countries in respect of tourism business significantly simplify the procedure.
It should be noted that for citizens of Ukraine do not need to issue individual invitation because between our countries there is an Agreement on friendship and cooperation between Russia and Ukraine, which allows visa-free travel of citizens of both countries.