You will need
  • - passport for travelling abroad;
  • - two copies of completed visa application form;
  • - a document confirming the purpose of travel;
  • - color photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm;
  • - money to pay the consular fee.
Depending on the specific country of citizenship of a claimant to a set of documents and consular fee may vary. For example, for US citizens there is a special visa application form. Nuances relating to orders in a specific country, it is better to clarify in located in your country by phone or on the official website of the Consulate. The latter usually has versions in English, Russian and the language of the host country.
The most difficult question for the independent tourist - proof of purpose of visit. Although the rooms in many hotels, you can book via the Internet or by other means, as the basis of the visa issuance confirmation from her is usually not accepted. Need the original of the confirmation of the foreigner from the Russian travel Agency, registered in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, or a voucher from local travel agencies.When you need a private trip original letter of invitation from a Russian citizen decorated the FMS, while the business - a similar document from the host organization or company.For transit visa you will need tickets for all the segments of the route through Russia and the passport or visa of the country, which serves as the final destination of the trip.
Also need a completed visa application form. Its form to fill by hand or in electronic form often can be downloaded from the website of the Russian Consulate in a particular country. However, its form is one for all, except citizens of the United States. A special questionnaire for the latter is also available for download on the websites of most of the Russian consulates.
The questionnaire can be filled out on the computer, typewriter or by hand in capital block letters. Can be filled in Russian and English, and in some cases the language of the country of location of the Consulate. The form should be filled in two copies.The set of documents necessary to attach one photo of 35 to 45 mm, in color, on a light background.
The passport must be valid not less than six months after expiry of visa.
Will have to arrange insurance for the entire duration of the requested visa. This is a mandatory requirement for EU citizens and Schengen countries. From the rest may not be necessary, but better to ask the Consulate.
For citizens of some countries mandatory condition can be originals and copies of tickets to Russia and back.
If you request a visa with a validity of more than 90 days, must also be tested for AIDS. A medical certificate will be valid for 3 months from the date of issuance.
After collecting the necessary documents may have office hours to visit the Consulate. Scheduling and order of reception (on the record or in the queue), specify by phone.Don't forget to bring money to pay the consular fee. Its size depends on the nationality of the applicant. For example, for citizens of the Schengen countries 35 euros. Money is usually made in cash at the Consulate. But in some can be taken through the Bank after verification of documents.
Taking your documents, the duty officer at the visa application section will give you a receipt for fee payment. It usually shows the date and time when you should come for the visa. It will have to produce a Supplement to the receipt, which after depositing the remains on the hands. Or a receipt for its implementation by means of transfer.Standard visa processing time - 10 working days. Express service is three working days.