To start, you along with your guest from abroad, you need to decide what type of visa he will get. Because it depends on how long he is going to Russia. It can be ordinary, official, transit, diplomatic visa or a visa for temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation.
How to send <b>invitation</b> <strong>alien</strong>
You need to do is to send the alien next document - private invitation. On the basis of this document he will receive a visitor visa for up to 3 months.
Private invitationsent to you must contain your data and the purpose of stay of foreign persons in the territory of Russia. Also in the private invitation to a foreigner must be specified and the data. It is their arrival will be compared with the data in its documents, that is in the passport.
Invitation for citizens of France, Italy, England, Germany etc should be accompanied by photocopies of passports of foreign citizens. For citizens of the near abroad - this detail is simplified.
The invitation can wrap, and a visa be denied if a foreign citizen has no medical insurance or no permanent job. These details should be considered in advance. And to guarantee that all costs associated with the stay of a foreigner in Russia you will take over.