You will need
  • Avtokraska, solvent, "Sadolin", dishes for cultivation of paints, a wooden stick for stirring.
Remember that car painting is made after a number of preparatory works. Before painting the car should be thoroughly washed and dried.
Any paint is applied in two layers. The first layer is called pravidelnym, it can be clearly seen surface defects. In order to dilute the paint for the first layer plate, use 4 parts solvent and one part "Sadolin". Mixture mix thoroughly. For the first painting of the external surface of the body is enough 1 liter. Learn that just before painting the surface of the body should once again be degreased and dry.
Apply the paint using a common household cleaner. Remove the dust filter, connect the paint spray gun and hose. In a tank cleaner pour 100 grams of solvent to adjust the spray pattern. While the paint needs to be sprayed without spraying evenly, but a torch to be vertical. After the adjustment, fill the reservoir diluted the paint and apply the first layer. First, paint the boxes, doorways along the taped areas, then the main area.
Apply the paint fast horizontal motion from top to bottom. So it will be easier to avoid streaks. Do not worry if somewhere managed minor omissions — this is just the first layer, it is much thinner than the core. The paint needs to dry thoroughly for 20-30 minutes.
While the paint dries, prepare the mortar for the next layer. The second layer is called decorative, so the paint should be slightly thicker. Dilute it with three volume parts of solvent and one part "Sadolin". Stir the whole to a total homogeneity. Apply base layer as well as developing — quickly and efficiently. After painting, leave the car in a closed garage for 2-3 days.
For dilution of the paint, use a 646, 647 or 648-th solvents. Note that the higher the number, the thinner fatter, and it's another opportunity to make more stains.