Car speakers differ in their structure, size, method of installation and the number of bands of the audio playback. Standard audio signal, they are divided into broadband, multi-band, coaxial, spaced with two and three components.
When choosing a speaker, first and foremost, pay attention to their compliance with the technical standards specified in the manual to the car stereo. Make no mistake, getting to the unit with modest equipment with much higher performance. This will not improve the sound system. It is much easier to purchase a higher quality playback device.
The size of the speakers are 10-inch, with a diameter of 12 cm and 16 cm in addition they vary greatly in shape and design. Usually audiopreparation any modern car the standard assumes the presence of technological holes for installation of the speakers. When choosing the size of the speakers focus on the dimensions of standard holes. They depend on the brand and model of the car.
Choosing speakers for cars, stick to the standard defined by the manufacturer when picking a car. Carefully choose speakers if the radio machine is combined with a satellite navigation system. In this case, the speakers will connect to the Central control system and properly selected speakers will withdraw from the system navigation system.
In addition, low-quality speakers cheap manufacturers can interfere with reception of the satellite signal. Therefore, the choice of speakers to receiver with navigation spend with the recommendations of the experts of the service center. If combined head unit with NAV, speakers choose only among those firms that are recommended by the manufacturer.
For the domestic car speakers select according to the rule: the louder, the better. However, this imperfection suspension and poor cushioning fast enough will bring down all components of the acoustic system. Therefore give preference to speakers adapted for use in adverse conditions. Head unit, amplifier, subwoofer and speakers should be from the same manufacturer.
Purchase all the components of the audio only from official representatives of manufacturers. And pay attention to correctness of filling of the warranty card. In order to maintain the warranty on speakers purchased, install them only in licensed service stations or services. While installing the speakers, you lose their warranty service even in case of detection of latent defects.