You will need
  • - exercise Mat
This exercise is performed lying on stomach, leaning with hands on the floor. Hands on width of shoulders, elbows apart, back and legs in one line. On the inhale, lower the torso by bending the elbows, exhale – raise. First, it will be difficult to wring out from the floor, so perform this exercise on a bench. For the first time push-UPS must be at least 10.
Exercise emphasizing knee
The palm position on the floor at shoulder level, fingers spread forward, knees operates to the floor. Next you need to perform push-UPS.
Exercise with the palms
In the standing position with feet shoulder width apart, palms folded at chest level, fingers pointing upwards. At the expense of "one-two" pads of the palms with the force necessary to compress, at the expense of "three" - fingers to expand itself at the expense of "four" - spread hands, at the expense of "five" - lower hands down, to the "six - hand consists of a palm. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
Exercise performed with your hands
For this exercise it is necessary alternately to describe in the air the circles of the arms extended forward and back.
The exercise performed by the fingers
In the standing position, feet shoulder width apart, arms bent at the elbows and raised at face level. The fingers interlock with the maximum effect, after which abruptly hands scatter in all directions. Repeated the exercise for 12 times.
For active stimulation of the chest muscles need to do exercises for the muscles of the face and neck. To do this, the corners of the mouth pull down so that the neck veins were well seen on the neck. As a result of this exercise the chest is getting more toned and beautiful.
To get the best result when you exercise, it is recommended to use a bra that is well supported by the chest.