Hygiene while breastfeeding

Neonatologists and specialists in breastfeeding are advised not to wash the Breasts with soap before every feeding. This will dry out the skin, cause cracking and will make feeding an unpleasant procedure. It will be enough to take a shower daily and change underwear. Too frequent washing of the breast leads to the violation of the microflora on the areola region, it may trigger inflammation. Use for hygiene breast liquid pH-neutral soap. After a shower, do not RUB the breast with a towel, as it hurts her nipples. Instead, DAB it clean with a soft cloth.

In the absence of cracks, treatment of injuries of teats with disinfectant solutions are not needed. Similar means dry skin, eliminate its natural odor and taste, which is very important for the baby. Odors make the child survive, he may refuse the breast. Before feeding be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, and then decant a few drops of milk to remove pathogenic microorganisms that could get inside with the clothes.

Do not rinse the milk left on the nipple after feeding. As it dries it will absorb into the skin, moisturizing it and preventing the appearance of cracks. During lactation wear special bras that are not tight and do not press the enlarged Breasts. In this lingerie you can put special pads that collect the leaking milk and prevent contamination of clothing. We recommend wearing clothing for breastfeeding women, providing easy access to the breast.

What to do when damaged nipples

The appearance of abrasions, scuffs after feeding treat nipples with a special cream, ointment (e.g., "Bepanten", "Purelin"). Before the next feeding there is no need to wash these preparations, just wipe your nipples with boiled water. For small cracks use when feeding a special silicone lining. Pumping breast breast pump can hurt the nipples and cause them to swell, so you only need to Express if baby can't suckle.

If the cause of the cracked nipples removed, to get rid of them, without stopping feeding. For this squeeze after feeding a drop of milk and brush over the nipple, wait 15 minutes, so the milk dried up. Then lubricate nipple ointment "Panthenol" or a cream "Bepanten", rinse them before feeding is not necessary. For faster healing you can also use vegetable oil (peach, olive, sea buckthorn), animal oils (butter, svezhevykachannye unsalted fats).