It should be noted that any activity is much more effective than passive expectations. This applies to all spheres of life. Sometimes these activities may look silly or illogical, but still brings results. In some situations, you just need about something directly ask the Universe, although it sounds a bit absurd.
The fact is that human thoughts affect the world around us. Accordingly, if the "cheat" themselves before important events, to whine or to imagine in your head all the negative options, it is likely that an important event will be spoiled. It is therefore important to relate to the Universe, to send her the right signals. Positive thoughts attract positive events and Vice versa.
Send requests to the Universe in different ways. The letter is one of the simplest and most effective options. In the process of writing letters to correctly articulate their expectations, requests, ideas about what should happen in your life. People are very different approaches to writing letters to the Universe: someone is using the first sheet of paper, you buy envelopes and pens uses unusual colors — in fact, the design of the letters is irrelevant, the trick is to write it in proper condition.
To write such a letter it alone, preferably in silence, however, you can turn on quiet music that will not distract you. If you know how to meditate before you start writing the letter, do it. If you can not, do not worry, just take a few deep breaths. Start writing your request in a free form. Be prepared that you will need several drafts to correctly formulate their wishes. When you are satisfied with your final text, rewrite it completely without errors and erasures. After that you can do with a letter according to their understanding — some people burn it in a specially purchased the candle, someone sends in a bottle to the nearest river, someone is sending by normal mail.
If you don't want to write a letter, go on nature — in the woods, on the shore of the river to the sea. It is advisable to choose a place where there are no people. Once you find a place, walk there, think about what you want from the Universe. When you feel ready, shout, speak or whisper the request. Most importantly — do it out loud, declaring itself. The wish expressed aloud should not be too long. It should be noted that writing letters is considered to be a more effective form of communication with the Universe since creating it easier to understand what it is you want.