There are special days when the celestial bodies can share their energy when they are most active. Follow lunar calendar. Twice a month the Moon is particularly shows its strength: the full moon and new moon days are truly healing for a person. The new moon Orb of night is beginning to gain strength, increase in the visible from the Ground volume. These days most favorable for the accumulation of energy. Regulating water balance in the body, the day of the new moon, refrain from food and bad habits. It will set your body in the recovery and accumulation of favorable energy. Drink more water and herbal teas. On the growing moon, start eating vitamins, beneficial herbal teas and do meditation, leading to accumulation of energy. All will be doubly useful to come into your life.
The full moon also refrain from eating and negative effects. Waning moon – the period of purification of body and mind. Amass the enormous energy these days you are unlikely to succeed, but to get rid of excess negative energy will be much easier. Tune in to global internal cleansing.
To obtain energy from Space best night. There are special ways to do it. Keep your gaze on him, opening the face and neck space of the night. Slowly inhale through your nose and try to feel how the energy accumulates in the throat in the Visuddha-chakra. Make 10-12 full cycles of breath. Try to relax and tune in to energy, removing extraneous thoughts into the background.
Stand up straight and raise your hands, opening the palm of the sky. Imagine how your hands are formed two energy ball. Gradually, the balloons are expanded and turn into long beams rising to the sky. Passing through the earth's atmosphere, they combine with Space and blooming flowers are filled with energy of the Universe, the black of Space. This method helps to quickly accumulate large energy reserves.
Be careful not to overdo it with the accumulation of energy, because ultimately it always requires the consumption, accumulation and waste. Learn to work with your energy gradually. Develop awareness and sensitivity. Just remember that you are a part of the world, and access their Inner Space. Then the energy of the Universe will nourish you always.
Engage in yoga. Regular practice contributes to the accumulation of life energy, prosperity and harmony.