The main symptoms of peptic ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer

At the first symptoms, you should immediately consult the doctor the timely initiation of treatment. In severe cases, when the medical methods do not help, surgery will be scheduled. Signal for seeking medical help should be:
- frequent nausea and vomiting;
- belching after a meal;
- constipation;
- pain in the upper abdomen or under the rib.

The disease worsens in stressful situations, poor diet, alcohol, drugs based on salicylic acid, diseases of the digestive system, etc.

How to eat after surgery?

A special diet designed to create a gentle environment for the affected organ and the other organs of digestion. Moreover, it is important not only eliminating the harmful foods, but also the right to divide the portions throughout the day.

There are mandatory recommendations in the postoperative period. First of all, eat smaller portions, so as not to burden the gastro-intestinal tract.

Also in any case can not be consumed too cold and too hot food, spicy and smoked foods, as it leads to the formation of large amounts of gastric juice. Moreover, you should choose gentle ways of cooking dishes: cooking, braising, roasting, without formation of a ruddy crust, food for a couple.

It is recommended to take food at certain hours, as this can facilitate the recovery process after surgery.

Choose foods rich in healthy vitamins and minerals: magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, b, C, PP.

As a rule, the diet appointed for 4-5 days after surgery in the 12-duodenum. The basis of such power:
- meals of lean chicken meat;
- eggs (steam scrambled, soft-boiled);
- liquid porridge made of oatmeal without adding milk, sugar, salt;
- any liquid cereal in a shabby;
- wheat crackers.

As beverage is recommended to drink lemon tea, jelly, which envelops the walls of the digestive system and reduce the risk of recurrent lesions of the duodenum 12. With a proper diet is sufficiently rapid recovery and healing of the patient's body. Of course, recommendations may vary depending on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism.