The question about frequency of visiting cemeteries before obywatelami arises quite often. Because everyone has their own understanding when and how to visit the graves: some people go strictly on the set days, the other - almost like a job. The Church gives its recommendations when it is necessary to go to the graveyard.
Naturally, such instructions - that's just a recommendation: make a person hold strictly to the established rules is impossible. So you can simply take as a basis, and then determine a convenient schedule.

Some days there to visit the cemeteries

Usually in the Church is recommended to visit the churchyard in the days of commemoration of the dead, day of the death of someone you are going to visit the cemetery, the day of rejoicing, and also allowed a visit to the cemetery every Saturday - it is considered to be memorial day. To the days of remembrance of the dead include the 3rd, 9th, 40th days after death.

The day of rejoicing in commemoration of the dead takes place on Monday or Tuesday of the week following Easter. It is often colloquially referred to as parents ' day. But despite such a gradation, a transfer the day of rejoicing for the weekend in front of her. This is because most of the population works in the working day can not find enough time to visit the churchyard. It is not enough just to come to the grave, it is necessary to clean: to throw out the old and faded flowers, wash the ones that still look decent, pull weeds, put on a plate a special treat.
As Radonitsa is celebrated after Easter as treats, tend to use colored eggs, cakes, candy etc. However, this does not restrict you, and you may bring something else.

A visit to the cemetery on the day of rejoicing refers to the number of mandatory and marks the fact that Christ descended into hell and conquered death. This day is considered a holiday for the dead. As relatives, going to the grave, congratulate them with the resurrection of the Lord.

As for religious holidays - Christmas, Trinity, the Annunciation, etc. - it is not recommended to walk these days in the cemetery. After all, dead people no longer belong to this world but in the Kingdom of heaven. A common error is considered and a trip to the cemetery on Easter as a celebration of the living.

All other days, if there is a desire, it is recommended to visit the Church and light a candle for the repose.

Attendance rules

As for the colors that you take with you to the cemetery, the widespread myth that there should be an even number. For the dead it does not matter how many of them will have 4 or 5. Most often take with artificial flowers, though it is recommended to refrain from them. It is better to plant land plants. And in the winter that live plants, artificial flowers from under the snow not visible.

If you want to light candles at the grave that today it is not forbidden, it should be done according to certain rules. You need to buy special candles in the Church and light them just before the cross (or, more often, by the monument).

To visit the cemetery need only sober. To be pissed and not well, and ugly. In addition, the cemetery is not a place for entertainment: entering the graveyard on the machine, turn off the music.

And remember, making a graveyard anything. You carry negative energy, which on cemetery in excess. And this applies to any item - be it a beautiful flower, the branch of the tree or trash (for it is in the cemeteries special trash).