You will need
  • Wash twice daily, use scrubs and diet
Teenage acne enjoy boys and girls. But it can not escape, this period should be worried. During puberty, changing hormone levels in the blood, a failure occurs in the sebaceous glands, they become clogged, inflammation begins. Acne in adolescence do not cause any concern, many people think that they themselves will be held. But not always a problem takes place with age. There are people who and 30 and 40 years suffer from rashes on the face and body.
Adolescent acne most commonly appear on the forehead and on the nose. If you observe basic rules of hygiene, to treat inflamed skin with special lotions and tonics, the problem will not seem so urgent. Closer to 20 years the pimples bother you less and less. If the nature of the rash on the face is abundant, it causes a lot of problems and inconveniences, you should consult a doctor. You will need to pass a number of tests for hormones and figure out what was the cause of hormonal failure. Probably that was a wrong functioning of the thyroid.
In adolescence it is difficult to treat acne, because the body changes, hormones are raging. There are General guidelines, but not the fact that they will help literally everyone, because the skin adolescents is different. Requires an individual approach. You can't ignore the day-to-day treatments. Throughout the day on the skin accumulates dust and dirt and is a breeding ground for bacteria. To wash twice a day, morning and evening, certainly hot water, as it expands the pores. Finish the procedure by washing with cold water to tighten the pores and give the bacteria again to get into them. For deep cleansing twice a week use a scrub. It will help remove the dead skin layer.
There are other already proven means to cleanse the skin and prevent the formation of acne. The pharmacy can purchase a 1% solution of salicylic acid and wipe her face. Tar soap dries well and disinfects oily skin. They should wash before sleep.