Determine the type of your skin. Properly selected cosmetics will help eliminate pimples and prevent their occurrence. Regardless of age and skin type, it needs regular cleansing, nutrition and moisturizing.

To maintain normal functions of sebaceous glands wash no more than 2-3 times a day. Also young people need to remember that too frequent shaving, causing inflammation of the skin that leads to acne. Very useful when washing add a few drops of lemon juice or decoction of chamomile.

This is a pretty common way to cleanse the skin. But not carried them. To care for young skin, choose a mild gel-based products.
Steam bath

If you have clogged pores and formed Horny cork, conduct this procedure at home. For this you will need 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers.

In a saucepan pour water and add chamomile flowers. Bring all to a boil. Leave the infusion for 10-15 minutes, covered with a tight lid. Pour it into a small bowl and tilt my head over it, so that the steam does not burn your face. Throw on top of a towel. Duration of procedure - 10-15 minutes. After this, rinse your face first with warm water and soap, then cold water. Wipe face with a soft towel.
Alcoholic lotions and tinctures

The owners of oily skin type need daily to wipe her weak spirituous lotion, or tincture. This will perfectly suit a diluted tincture of calendula or cucumber lotion.
Creams, gels, masks

Before using these tools thoroughly clean your skin. The tool apply specifically to the affected area and a radius of 1 cm, since it does not affect the pimple and prevent the formation of new.